Father’s Day 2017

This is the time of year we honor all the hard working dads for their love, sacrifice, dedication, and support. We appreciate you for all the times you’ve hugged us, wiped our tears, encouraged us, and loved us in our difficult times. So this father’s day do something special for dad order him a cheesecake

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Here at Yhanne’s we seek to create flavors that will send your palate on a roller coaster of pleasure. Visit us today to try some of our various cheesecakes. Maybe it’s your birthday, maybe you’d like to surprise your coworkers with a sweet treat, or maybe you have a bit of a sweet tooth. Whatever the case may be come by Yhanne’s House Of Cheesecake for a taste of love! When you stop by please be sure to share & tag #YHOC on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter! We want to share in the experience with you…





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