Our story, like many others, began with humble beginnings.

It’s the story of a man attempting to make an impression on a woman he dearly loves. 

Seeking to create the  perfect atmosphere where a proposal can be made, dinner and dessert is carefully prepared. Reflecting on that moment, the meal didn’t create the buzz as hoped, however, the dessert made a stir.

In fact, it became the focus of the occasion. It was cheesecake whose roots came from an old recipe found years earlier. Additional ingredients were added to the base of the recipe to enhance the texture and flavor, while eliminating others. Experiment after experiment had taken place until discovering the perfect balance.

After being plated and served, Tiffany questioned,”Where did you get this cheesecake?” “I baked it myself,” replied Yhanne. In total disbelief of his answer, he was forced to win her persuasion by leading her into his kitchen where all the preparation had taken place.

Finally, at the height of the moment he asked her hand in marriage. On that day, the man not only gained a new business venture, but also a wife. 


Yhanne & Tiffany